Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Retreat

This is my little summer retreat. It is in the back yard in a little corner under a big maple tree. I love it! It is so pleasant and stays nice and cool.

I made a little cover for the hammock by sewing pieces of two sheets together and adding some ties to the edges so I could tie it in place on the hammock. The rope of the hammock can be a little uncomfortable on your skin, mainly on my arms. The cover is much softer and kinda cute I think!

I made a little bag to mach that I can tie on to hold my phone, sunglasses, or whatever. The cover fits inside when it is all folded up.

This is the "junk" my Love accused me of dragging into the yard, but I like it.

What is your favorite summer retreat???

Some galvanized tubs, an old shutter, an old fence post, watering can, and some flowers.

This is my view.

Along with this view of the barn!

As you can tell I have been enjoying my summer!
How have you been enjoying your summer?? Would love to know!!

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