Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning.....Mudroom

I have been doing some spring cleaning this week. The kind where you pull everything out of a room and scrub it from top to bottom, including the tops of the baseboard with a toothbrush. I love it when it is all finished. Everything looks nice and shiny!
Here is a look at the mudroom with everything out of it...

This old pump is still connected to the cistern but it doesn't work. We just haven't cut it off's been 6 years now folks!

After I spent the better part of the day scrubbing this room lives up to it's name thanks to my Lover....this is what I came up with.

 This little hen is a ring holder. At least that's what my mom always used it for. It sat on the window sill above the sink my whole child hood. That's usually where you'll find it at my house.
Now I need to buy some chalk to write a welcome message on the board!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

See My Garden Grow

Here is the beginning of what I hope to be a fabulous garden season...
See the orange lines..that's my lover's obsessiveness for straight lines. He sets stakes and then pulls a line and measures the same distance between rows. Tape measure and all.
It does look pretty when little green stuff starts coming up in perfect rows!
Now I'm just waiting to see what happens!

There is now water standing in the garden. I'm hoping I don't lose what I put in already. I didn't put it all in due to the weather so we shall see. It's a roll of the dice around these parts when it comes to the weather.

Have you planted your garden yet?? Let me know!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruby Red

This is our Ruby...she's a Blood Hound...with long ears...long tongue...and lots of drool.

Ruby has this problem...her nose gets the best of her and she tends to take off wherever the sent may lead.
So, we have to keep Ruby tied up most the time. When we are out in the yard, I will take her for a walk, or rather she takes me for a walk....she weighs almost as much as I do. 

We tie her up close to us so she doesn't feel left out and so we don't have to chase her across tar-nation!!
Someday we will be able to afford to fence in our 5 acres and then she can run free! 

But anyways, isn't she cute!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's Bloom'n...?

Hello friends. I hope this finds everyone enjoying their weekend!! Here is what's bloom'n in my back yard... absolute favorite flower ever!! 

These are getting ready to burst open!! I just wish they lasted longer.

Does anyone know what these are? I love them..they come up every year and they are a pretty purple.

Let me know if you do...

I've been eating a lot of asparagas.
I love it this time of year..
What to do with it...??
Add it to another favorite....Pasta!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a little something....

I have been wanting to create something this week, but not sure what. I found a straw wreath at a rumage sale for a $1 and bought some little things at Jo-Anns clearance and this is what I came up with... it. It's cheap and cute.

I have had this grape vine wreath for years and change it up all the time. This one will stay on the frint door. I usually have red flowers out front so this will blend better.

Oh, and just for the heck of it...
I'll share with you this cart I found at a garage sale last weekend. So cute!! Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drying Lettuce

I know that title sounds pretty boring, but who wants to eat a wet, soggy salad...
I thought I would share a great way to dry lettuce.

First, roll out some paper towels, 3 or 4

Then, wash your lettuce. I seperate the lettuce and put it into a bowl of cold water, swish it around and let it sit for a few minutes to let the dirt settle to the bottom. I then drain the water and put it in my salad spinner, which I love. It removes alot of the water. If you don't have a spinner just pat dry a little.
I take the lettuce out of the spinner and lay it on the paper towels in a single layer.

Next lay another layer of paper towels on top...

And roll it up...

You will end up with this..

Don't worry about smashing the lettuce, it should be fine. Put this into a plastic bag and store in the fridge. You will have nice crisp lettuce for your salad and sandwiches!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a Thought

Hello all. I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post!! Time goes so fast. Life has been busy around here.

This is just a random thought, but as I sit here at the computer, on this rainy dreary day...I hear a siren and see a truck with flashing lights go by. We actually hear that sound often. We live near an intersection that is a two way stop with a flashing light and accidents happen there all the time for some reason. Whenever I hear a siren or see an ambulance, fire truck, police car, go by I always stop and think...someone's life is changing, someones husband, wife, child, parent, friend, relative....someone might be facing heartache, pain, suffering, or even death.

When I hear that siren, I stop and say a quick prayer. That God would be with that family and individual. Whatever the situation, that God would be in control and that His will would be done. That grace would be given. Grace that only God can give. What if my prayer can make a difference. If that was my family I would want as many prayers to go up toward heaven as possible.

So, the next time you hear a siren or see flashing lights, say a quick prayer....God hears our prayers. God answers our prayer!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drawing a Blank

This week has been weird for me....I haven't really had anything interesting to blog about. I have been drawing a blank when it comes to posting. Not sure why but it's just how it is.
I wanted to let you know so you don't give up on me!
Maybe something cute or fun or yummy will show up by the weekend!

Yep, I pulled this pic form the arcives...but I love this bowl of thread!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Corner of My Home....Back 40

Ok, so it's more like the back 4 not 40. We have 5 acres and most of it sits behind the Red Barn. Saturday was a great day and I was just enjoying being outside! So, I took some pictures of what I was enjoying!
These were a must since it gets muddy back here with all the rain!

Behind the barn and silo, from the other side of the pond.

I thought the sky looked neat before the rain hit!
From the back of the barn looking back to the chicken house.
Pretty ducks that have been hanging out. We have 10 babies and a momma too!

From the back of the barn, this is the chicken house.

Our little creek.

My rhubarb that is already giant, I made a rhubarb crisp last week. So yummy!

Apple trees, and bird.

The path going back around the field. I love it back here.
My love doing some mowing. Why do you look so grumpy, maybe because I'm taking your picture!!
It was a great day together! Then on Sunday we spent time with the family. Did I mention I have a great mom!! 

Happy Monday everyone!

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