Thursday, June 27, 2013

Corner of my Home

I have been home this week and it has been so nice. The last few weeks have been really busy but this week slowed down and I have been enjoying it!
I have been cleaning, baking, mowing grass like crazy, and today I did some rearranging to the buffet and dining table.
I love doing this! Its so fun!
I use this wooden box all over the place! It just keeps getting moved around the house!
I made the napkins from dish towel fabric that I bought at the Fabric Shack! It is a great place to go for quilting fabric. Not a great place if your addicted to buying fabric...You can also buy online, in case you want to check them out.

I have this small box of old keys and the shapes are awesome! Some of them have little round tags attached to them telling what they go to.
I thought I would display them on a small piece of ironstone that I found at my local Goodwill.
I love ironstone! I have started a pretty good collection of platters.
My Grandma gave me this little aluminum collapsible cup from 1915!

On the dining table I stacked my large ironstone platters and placed a few odds and ins on top.

More keys! Aren't they great!
I think I am going to add some flowers to the milk glass vase.
I love changing things around. "Shopping my home" I think is what its called.
Enjoy your day friends!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweets of the Season

I might have mentioned this before, but I LOVE this time of year! One of my most favorite things about the month of June are Cherries and Strawberries!
The Cherries are a little late this year. They started ripening at the same time as the strawberries.
Over the weekend we stopped by a strawberry farm and picked up 10 quarts. I usually pick my own but I've had some back issues this past week (thanks to zumba) so we bought them already picked.
They are so yummy!
I made a yummy strawberry pie last night with some fresh whipped cream.
We still have a lot of jam left from last year when I picked 40 pounds!!! So I didn't really want to make more jam.
I froze some with sugar. I just cleaned them cut the bigger ones in half and then sprinkled some sugar over them and let them sit for about 10 minutes before putting them in freezer bags!
Super easy and they will be great to use for short cakes!
I also started thinking about strawberry cordial. Actually, I was thinking about Anne of Green Gables when she served strawberry cordial. I always thought it sounded good, so I went searching for a recipe on Pinterest of course!
I used this recipe and it turned out pretty yummy!
Its a concentrate that you add water to.
My husband has stopped drinking pop but water gets kinda old after awhile so this will be a nice change!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enjoying the Sun

Hello all! How are you doing today? It has been beautiful here the last few days.
I have enjoyed tea on the deck in the mornings.
My husband took this picture early Saturday morning as he was preparing to butcher our chickens.
This is our bloodhound Ruby and the tractor belonged to my husbands grandmother. It was her wedding present in the 1950's.
For the last six weeks we have raised Cornish X chickens to butcher and put in the freezer.
It was a big job to get them all cleaned and cut up but it is done!
My Love did pretty much all of it with some help from his mom in the morning.
I only get involved when the chicken starts to look like one you would buy from the store.
I wouldn't be able to eat them if I actually had to touch them in the process of butchering. It's kinda gross. It's really gross.
We have a busy week here but it will be good. I've been mowing a lot of grass, we finally got the garden in, planting flowers and have a baby shower to host this week. Not to mention keeping up with my Love who is super busy with work!
I love summer! I hope to enjoy every bit of it!