Friday, August 17, 2012

Cash Register Drawers

I am still in the thick of canning beans. Seriously, we will not starve to death this winter!  I also went and picked pears this week. I have a friend that lets me have hers off her tree. I have canned more this year than I ever have in a summer's time. I have a hard time passing up free produce. I love knowing where my food is coming from and what has been put on it.  I think it is so important to eat as naturally as possible.

On a different note...I wanted to share these old cash register drawers that I found at a barn sale a few years ago.
There are three of them and I have them stacked in the office. The finish is a little rough but I like them just the way they are! That is a picture of my grandparents on top.

These are just a fun find and they are great storage! They have cubbies galore!

Until next time...have a great weekend friends!

P.S. I can't help but think about the Country Living Fair in September and I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beans and more Beans

I said it would be a day or so before my next post but I didn't realize it had already been a week!! Sorry1
I have been up to my eye balls in green beans! Picking, snapping, and canning! I just picked 10 gallons yesterday and 7 the day before that. Not to mention the 12 gallons that I've already done! Crazy!
As for the barn...
There is this old guy that comes around every year wanting to paint our barn. He has painted every barn in the tri-state area! He painted the silo and the house roof a few years ago and we thought that since we were putting new siding on the barn it was a good time to take care of the roof. He does it a lot cheaper than we could do it ourselves and he has guys that get on the peak. They must have good health insurance.... 

Their truck cracks me up! It's seen better days.

These guys were not tied to anything and were crawling all over that thing! They had it painted in 45 minutes!

These little insulators were attached to the side of the barn. I think they are so cute. They remind me of a blue canning jar!
The barn is at a stand still for now. The front and sides are sided except for the large sliding door, but we ran out of lumber and we have to drive 2 hours to get more. So it will be a little while before we have a chance to get down there. But when we go there is this flea market I want to stop at so we have to make sure we have time to do that as well! 

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pressure Canner

Does this make anyone else nervous??
If you have ever used one you know what I'm talking about. The noise these things make is insane! It sounds as if it will blow up at any minute!
So I'm spending my day with my eyes on the stove canning green beans.

I have more peaches to do as well. I'm thinking peach pie filling!

I was washing the beans and thought the color of green was so vibrant and pretty!!
We picked 12 gallons of beans out of the garden!! So you know what I will be doing this week!

I will have more pics of the barn in the next day or so. Have a wonderful day friends!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Red Barn Revival

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We enjoyed ours. We spent it relaxing and spending time together. It was very nice.
The barn is coming along nicely. Here are some more pics of what has been happening.

This is the load of Hemlock rough sawn siding. It doesn't look like much on the ground.
But on the barn it looks great! It looks twice as long up on the walls as it does laying on the ground.

There were two sets of these bolts on the back side of the barn. I'm not sure what they are there for but they were not coming off.

So they had to cover them. You can't really see them and they don't stand out.

This is my love putting on the rolled roofing. He obviously has no fear of heights unlike me.

This is the back all done and part of the side next to the silo. He still has to cut the bottom of the boards of the back.

Its coming along. I have such big dreams for this barn. I think it would make a great B and B, party room, with kitchen, large dining table made from reclaimed wood, bedroom in the loft...I can just see it. Someday....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Revival of this Red Barn

This is our barn. I love our barn. I always wanted a barn and God gave me the desires of my heart in every way including a barn! God is so good and kind!

This barn is approximately 150 years old. We are not completely sure of the age but this our estimate considering the beams and building materials.
The former home owners did nothing to take care of this barn or anything else for that matter. We have been waiting for almost 8 years to tackle the barn and we are finally able to do it.

So last week my Love and my BIL and FIL started at it... 

This is the back of the barn. It takes all the weather so it was really bad! You can see the red door that we cut in several years ago so we could clean it out right into the dump truck. There was a foot of trash and straw on the entire floor of the barn. It doesn't look like it from here but when you stand inside the barn there is so much light flooding in the inside of the barn from all the holes and gaps in the siding.

They put rolled roofing across the back to make it more weather tight. The foundation has some issues that we will have to address later on. This stuff is so expensive!!

This is the end next to the silo. Some of the boards were replaced before we moved in. I love the rock foundation on this side! I also love the patina on this end, but we have to cover it up. 

This is the end next to the garage. They had rigged this weird gutter thing that has actually caused more damage than helped it.

Stay tuned for more on the Red Barn.....Revival!