Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Red Barn Revival

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We enjoyed ours. We spent it relaxing and spending time together. It was very nice.
The barn is coming along nicely. Here are some more pics of what has been happening.

This is the load of Hemlock rough sawn siding. It doesn't look like much on the ground.
But on the barn it looks great! It looks twice as long up on the walls as it does laying on the ground.

There were two sets of these bolts on the back side of the barn. I'm not sure what they are there for but they were not coming off.

So they had to cover them. You can't really see them and they don't stand out.

This is my love putting on the rolled roofing. He obviously has no fear of heights unlike me.

This is the back all done and part of the side next to the silo. He still has to cut the bottom of the boards of the back.

Its coming along. I have such big dreams for this barn. I think it would make a great B and B, party room, with kitchen, large dining table made from reclaimed wood, bedroom in the loft...I can just see it. Someday....

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