Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pressure Canner

Does this make anyone else nervous??
If you have ever used one you know what I'm talking about. The noise these things make is insane! It sounds as if it will blow up at any minute!
So I'm spending my day with my eyes on the stove canning green beans.

I have more peaches to do as well. I'm thinking peach pie filling!

I was washing the beans and thought the color of green was so vibrant and pretty!!
We picked 12 gallons of beans out of the garden!! So you know what I will be doing this week!

I will have more pics of the barn in the next day or so. Have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. Oh, this brings back memories. Long story... my dad had to retire early (at 51) so, he put a lot of energy into garden. We must have had over an acre of garden. He bought a pressure canner (similar, but with screw cocks all around, not twist off) and he canned. Green beans, green beans, and more green beans, we tried corn (but it didn't seal well). Our peaches we water bathed, same cooker but without the pressure. The freezer had a workout, too. We always had a 'bachelor or two' over for company and we always had plenty of food. I inherited the canner and used it also for many years. Now, I don't do as much canning, but I still remember those hot, summer days of putting up produce.