Friday, July 12, 2013

Yummie Finger Food

So here is a quick and very yummy appetizer for you all!
I have been visiting the farmers market this summer and there is a guy selling freshly made bread. He bakes it in a brick oven and it has a great smoky flavor! You could also use French bread.
That's the first ingredient.
 Next, if you have never tried Boursin cheese you have to go to the store right this minute and get some!! It's the best thing ever!!! It has a lot of garlic which I love!
Go right this minute!

Lastly, we have a pretty good size garden and cucumbers are fresh and crunchy and right out the back door!!

Put the three together and its so delish!!!
We have a busy weekend ahead! Hot dogs and smores will be eaten!!
Enjoy your weekend too!!


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