Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Been Going On...

So I have the computer up and running and just uploaded some pictures. I am having a little bit of trouble getting use to a laptop. I have used them many times but having it for my everyday stuff is a little different. Anyways, here are a few things that I have been working on...

My friend's baby shower was this week so I made her a little something. A Diaper clutch changing pad, Laundry bag, and burp cloth.

I also have several vintage cook books. I love the old cook books, with the pictures of the housewives in their aprons. I always find good recipes that are a little different than what you see today.
This one is from my mom. I remember using it when I was younger.

I made this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and it is very good. I had used it once before. I always try and write the date that I made a recipe and any comments that I have in the book. That way I know if it is worth making again.
Yummy! I think you could wrap anything in a cellophane bag, add a cute ribbon and you have turned something simple into something simply adorable!
These are for  a friend who is recovering from knee surgery!

I mentioned last week before the big crash of the computer, that I was watching my sister's kiddos and their puppy. I love a puppy but this is why I'm not ready for another one yet...

Uh, yeah....i guess he was bored! They spent $25 bucks on this nice doggy bed and he shredded it!
I had to laugh! This is what puppy's do!
But isn't he so cute!!

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  1. my grandmother used to write notes on all her recipes...dates she served it, who she served it to, comments of the people eating, changes she made to the recipe and sometimes just silly notes. We love reading through them!! She also wrote on the back of every single picture, something I wish I had done with all my pictures.
    love your blog
    have a great week!