Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Adventure that is My Life

Hello friends. How are all of you? It's been a while.
We got our lap top back on Monday. We had to have a new hard drive put in it. Which was a whole lot cheaper than a new lap top. So that was a blessing. However we did loose everything that was on the old hard drive. Not a blessing.
Monday afternoon my husband got a phone call from a friend that we do sub-contracting for with Verizon Wireless. Verizon has this trailer that they put together to send to disaster hit areas and it offers free charging, Internet access, and news information. It's a mobile hot spot. Well, they asked if Steve would go with it to Pennsylvania and set it up. This is the first one they have ever done so it's kind of a test pilot so to speak.
Well, I decided to go with him. We have done this once before but nothing came of it. We were only gone over night.  We left Monday at 3pm and drove to Pittsburgh and met the trailer and then drove another 2.5 hours to the town where Penn State is located to wait out the storm. We were in a hotel room and never had any bad weather. Just rain. So we waited around the next day for a phone call for direction in what to do. Tuesday around 12pm we received a call to head home so we headed home and only made it about 30 minutes down the road when we got another call and were told to go to New York. So we called looking for a room and there was nothing!! We finally found an Inn on the Pennsylvania state line in the Pocono mountains. It turned out to be a very nice place, very old and fancy! It is a wedding destination come to find out.
So after a good nights sleep in a country inn we were headed to Orangeburg New York. We got there and waited around for the call as to where we were to take the trailer. Finally about 11am we were told to head to West Long Branch New Jersey. So we headed that way. We ended up at Monmouth University in New Jersey, about a 1/2 mile from the ocean!
We spent all day Wednesday there and were not sure what we were going to do for a bed. There was no power around here and all the hotels within 2 hours were booked full.
A lady came to charge her phone and was so happy because she flew in from California last week to be with her 86 year old parents and she had no way of charging her phone or calling her husband and family at home and her parents needed their phone charged as well. We stood and talked a little bit about where we were from and that we were looking for a place to stay. She came back that day and said that her parents lived about a mile down the road and they had an apartment attached to their house and that we could have it if we wanted it. So we took her up on her offer.

They didn't have any heat so we hooked up one of our generators and warmed up their room and gave them some light. They were thrilled to say the least! They were interesting people. She had lots of makeup on, with large glasses and red lipstick! He was a plumber!
Then Thursday morning we went back to the college and set up and a nice man that works with Verizon brought us the most AMAZING bagels I have ever had!!!! Seriously they don't make bagels like that in Ohio!!!

Finally Thursday evening we were able to come home. We left the trailer in good hands and headed to Hershey Pennsylvania. We stayed there over night and let me tell you how wonderful the hotel felt! A comfy bed, clean room, and a hot shower! We didn't get to go into the Hershey factory but drove through town.

We did make a detour just on the other side of Wheeling West Virgina at the Cabela's store so that was a nice way to break up the trip home.

Let me tell you, there is NO place like home. especially when home has electricity and restaurants and GAS!! I'm so spoiled I know.

So that was last week and this week I am getting the laundry done ( so much for two people!) and doing everything that I didn't get done last week!

We never know what a day will bring. It's kind of exciting! Kind of...

Talk to you all soon. Have a great week!

P.S. Sorry this was so long and with no pictures! We forgot the camera!

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  1. Wow... That sounds fun! BWT... What do you mean he was a plumber! ? Do you have something against them? J/K ;)