Saturday, July 23, 2011

CoffeeTable is finished

Here is the before picture of my table.

Here is the table after...sorry the pictures are blurry for some reason.

I painted it, sanded the edges, then used a wax paste. My love cut the legs off for me to make it the right height with the couch. Now I have to find a rug to go under it. I really like it!!! 

I have this red wire basket with my favorite books in it and some old jars.

We finally got some rain and it cooled down the house....but only for about an hour or so.


  1. Cool sis looks good!!!

  2. How'd you like the wax????? It looks great! And our airconditioning is OFF right now because it just stormed here and it feels really nice :) FINALLY!

  3. Love the table! better then mine in fact! Want to trade?