Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This time of the year the garden is going strong. We have been eating yellow squash and zuccihni like crazy! We have also had plenty of cucumbers, which I LOVE out of the garden. I had an abundance so I decided to make pickles!

The ones on the right are sweet pickles and the ones on the left are hot pickles. We don't eat that many so this amount should be perfect. I have never tried the hot pickles before its something new I thought I would try.
The sweet pickles are made using my grandmothers recipe.
I know you can't really see the recipe here but you can tell that this recipe is yellowed and old. I'm pretty sure this is my moms hand writing. At the top of the page it says "Moms Sweet Pickles". My mom asked me if I rewrote it on a card or something. I like it just the way it is. For some reason it seems like the condition of the recipe makes it better, more character or something.

Today I spent the day at the pool with my sissy, SIL, and their young'ens. Nice day! Then I came home and canned green beans! The corn will be ready by the end of the week and probably more beans. This is a busy time of year.

Did I mention that I am going back to work on August 8th for an 8 week position at school...it stinks that my summer is getting cut short!!

Does anyone else can their food. Sometimes I feel like a loner in my circle of friends! 


  1. Don't stop canning ! !
    I used to, when we had a large - ahem, much larger family can. I canned pickles (sweet, dill, pickled figs, pickled watermelon, etc) I canned green beans (with the pressure canner) applesauce, apple juice, apple pie filling (we have 11 apple trees), jams, plums, etc. I even tried canning beef stew. Now, I don't do as much, in fact, I haven't canned for a while, but I miss looking at those shelves full of food, ready for a dinner. With just two of us now, we don't hardly eat what we did back then. I say, "get all you can, and can what you get". Even if you are in the minority, it is a good thing, (and teach your children how), it is a lost art.

  2. I wish now we'd planted a garden. NEXT year I'm planting and even if we move some lucky person will get what I planted :) Sara Palmer just canned a bunch of beans too! There is nothing like food from your own garden....SOMEDAY I'll have a place!