Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peaches Come from a Can.....

This is what my kitchen looked like yesterday....a MESS!!!
 I was canning peaches.

Ignore the ugly kitchen cabinets and walls in the background...
I had a bushel of north Carolina peaches to put up. They were so yummy!

I couldn't have gotten it all done without the help of my great mom!! She's the best. She has helped me pick beans too!!
 Freezer Jam

Peaches in light syrup

Peach and Pepper preserves

Out of one bushel of peaches I got...

13 half pints/jelly jar jam
9 half pints peach pepper preserves
13 pints frozen peaches
8 pints canned
1 peach cobbler
2 peach pies
6 rotten ones
18 ate fresh from the box

I do everything in pints because its just the two of us. Its a lot of work to do this but I enjoy it. It is very rewarding to me and I love having it over the next year!
I know you all are probably tired of hearing about my canning and preserving these last few post but that is my life right now. That and my day job.
This week....tomatoes......and more beans!


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  2. I love the pictures of the canned goods on the colored towels. Keep it up. You can eat the rewards of your labor this winter.