Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farm Style Table

A week or so ago I had a ladies brunch at my church. They called it a Birthday Bash. They had 12 tables, one for each month, and each table was decorated by a different lady. You sat at your birthday month table unless you were hosting a table. I had the August table. To me August is all about canning and harvesting from the garden. Since I had plenty of blue canning jars...this is what I came up with....

Obviously I am not a photographer, but this gives you an idea.
I used all things that I had around the house except for the flowers.
Caning jars were used as drinking glasses tied with a piece of fabric, 1/2 gallon blue jars were used as flower vases, a vintage tablecloth, old jars filled with beans and grandpas marbles, a chalk board offers a welcome message, mini loaves of zucchini bread wrapped in parchment and tied with a string as favors, and glass dishes that I bought at a garage sale last year.

I had fun doing this! Maybe this will give someone an idea or two! 

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  1. Your table is TOPS! Love how retro country-fied it looks! ~Angela