Monday, October 3, 2011

Making up for lost time

I know you all probably think that I have dropped of the face of the earth but I haven't...I'm still hear. Busy with life and enjoying the people around me and enjoying the time of year. Here are some pics from some of the things that we have been doing.  
This was in our backyard the other day. We have them around all the time but this one was really close I thought they would be landing. We had one land in our driveway one morning right outside our bedroom window.
We had a girls party with all the girls from my Sunday school class the other weekend. It was a favorite things party. How it works is you bring five of your favorite thing (all five are the same thing). You have all the names in a bowl and draw five out. So five different people get your favorite thing and you leave with five different things!! So fun!
Fun group of girls!
We went to a neighboring town for a Corn Festival. Very fun. It was held by the local tractor club so it was definitely something that my love was in to! They had yummy food, antiques, TONS of tractors, a saw mill, hit and miss engines, and my favorite... Kettle Corn!! Sorry no pictures I ate it too fast!
These were some really neat lanterns, which my love really thinks are cool, so turn your head sideways so you can get a better look, sorry not sure why it's sideways.

Again not the best picture, but this is a tiny hit and miss motor. They had lots of things like this.

This is a 4-cylinder diesel engine but it was HUGE!! It's bolted to ground and pretty cool even if you aren't amazed by an engine like my lover is, this is still cool just because of the size.

Some of the undocumented events that have taken place the last few weeks:

1. The Country Living Fair (no batteries in the camera this day, totally bummed, it's better than Christmas)
2. Our 7th Wedding Anniversary (I love the man I married so much and that's putting it mildly)
3. My 29th Birthday (I'm seriously going to be 30 next year?? It can't be.)

Isn't this fella cute? Huge, but so cute! More about him later.

So I hope this made up for the last few weeks of no post. Thanks for checking back!

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