Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fabric Pumpkins and a few things I LOVE!

I love the fall colors and decor. I finally switched out my summer stuff for fall stuff a few weeks ago. I love pumpkins and the textures and colors that they add to the house.
Last year I made two pumpkins from a Simplicity pattern that I can't remember the number of right now and I'm not going to go find out because my feet are propped up and not willing to move. I was so happy with how they turned out. So this year I made three more. They are so easy. Once you make the first one you can roll them out pretty quick! My kind of project!
I found some fabric on clearance at my local shop and I was so excited! I LOVE FABRIC!! Really it's an illness...I've mentioned this before...

It was upholstery fabric and its really good stuff. One was a heavier fabric and it was so easy to work with.

This is one I made last year with just cotton fabric. The pattern says to line it with fusible stuff but I didn't do that. I'm a rule breaker like that...or just lazy.

I also made one out of part of a drop cloth. That fabric is also easy to work with. The hardest part about these pumpkins are sewing on the stem. The stem is smaller than the hole in the top of the pumpkin so you have to gather around the top of the pumpkin and hand stitch the stem on.

I made this little banner out of burlap. I just cut out triangles and then hot glued them to some twine. I had stencils and black paint for the lettering.Super easy and fun!
Notice the cutie pie scale on the left, my great uncle gave it to me a few weeks ago and i love it!! It's from an old hardware store in Cincinnati. I LOVE OLD THINGS!! 

Speaking of loving old things...My Lover had his 31st Birthday a few days ago...ok so he's not really old but he's older than me!!! Funny, that when I was a teenager 30 was so old and now it doesn't seem that bad.....I think!
I LOVE YOU babe, you are the most wonderful blessing from the Lord!!

P.S. Sorry I take bad pictures. I really should take a class or something.

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  1. Your orange gingham pumpkin just about stole my heart! SO CUTE! Thank you for sharing these GREAT pumpkin/decorating pics! You're definitely NOT a bad photographer!