Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flannel Wreath

I have been home this week wrapping presents, making gifts, and just really enjoying being home. I am so thankful that I don't have to work full time. I am hoping to be done with all the Christmas shopping this week. Only a few more things to buy. I love buying for people.I wish I could do more, even though that's not what Christmas is about it is still fun to do!

Here is a wreath I made from an old flannel shirt. I wanted something with red and green and this worked out perfect. Its super easy! Hope you like it!

Cut the shirt into strips. Two inch strips worked best. I used both sleeves and a little from the back.

I had this straw wreath form a bought at a garage sell for a $1.

Then you just start wrapping the wreath with the strips and hot glue in place.

overlap your strips a little each time.

And just keep wrapping..

...until its all done!

I used a strip to loop around the top to hang it from.

And made a bow and hot glued it on as well.

Then hung it from the windows above the couch!

Quick and easy!
I hope to start baking some yummies today! Merry Christmas Time!

p.s. Its been 6 days without catching mice!!! I think I might put my kitchen back in order!

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