Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Time

Hello Friends!! I feel like I have been neglecting you all. So very sorry about that!

First things first, the mouse count is up to 14!! And I am embarrassed to say 1 mole...I know who catches moles in there kitchen cabinets. Only this old farm house. I love it in spite of itsself. So needless to say the contents of the kitchen cabinets are still strewn about.

On to more festive things, Christmas is here folks I can't believe it! All the fun festivities have begun! I love this time of year so much. I love to decorate my home. It makes it seem so cozy. I'm so thankful for my home! The Lord is so good! I have to remind myself of that when I find mice...  

So last weekend was the kickoff of the Christmas Season and we started it out on Friday evening going to a nearby little village with a ton of antique stores. All the shops were open late and the streets were lined with candles. All the houses were decorated with lights and trees and garlands! And we had dinner in a darling restaurant! It was a fun date with my Love.

So here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
My friends shop. Darling.

Ok, I really wanted you to see this picture but I don't know why its turned wrong!! Ugg! If anyone can tell me how to rotate it I would appreciate it!
Anyways this is the foyer of the restaurant. It is an 1800's house converted into an Inn and Restaurant and very yummy!

Best Pizza place around! And they are the only one that will deliver to our house!

Next up, the tree farm, carriage parade, and Christmas banquet!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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