Wednesday, November 30, 2011


OK, things are still crazy busy...

Thanksgiving was wonderful and yummy.

In the midst of Thanksgiving I emptied out 80% of my kitchen cabinets because of the evidence of mice

I hate mice

In the last 6 days we have killed 11 mice. That's right 11!!! So my kitchen table is piled high with everything out of the cabinets because I'm not putting it back until all the mice are gone!!

They are driving me crazy!!

I have started my Christmas decorating...which makes me happy.

Christmas activities are full force starting this weekend!!

I promise pictures in the near future!!

Have a great week friends!!


  1. So sorry about the mice!!! I hate them too!

  2. Sounds like you need an indoor cat!

  3. My husband always tells me if you have one mouse you have at least 10!
    and living in an old farm house we always have them every year!
    yuk! I hate those little buggers!
    have a great week!