Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Office Remodel

If you have been  reading this blog for a while you know about the room that we have been working on for like three years that will eventually be the office... It has been re-framed, insulated, dry-walled, painted, and as of last night the windows are trimmed out! I'm so excited!! They look amazing! My lover and my FIL worked on it last night and will be working on it again today. My goal is to have it move in ready by next Saturday the 12th because we are having my dad a 60th Birthday Party and I want it ready to show off.

So this is what the mud room looks like...
You can barely get in the door!! 
This is the wood floor that will be going in the office. My love is such a scavenger!! About 8 years ago he and his dad built a house for a guy who owns a flooring company. The guy put top grade walnut floors in the house but he didn't want any of the knots showing in his floor so they cut all of them out. They were going to throw away the rest of the floor so my love took it home where it has been waiting to be put to good use! 
The only problem was that it was in the top of his dads garage and it was all in a bunch of pieces. It was no longer bundled so we had to carry it down in stacks! Wew! did I get my exercise! But it was free!!!

I will keep you posted!!!   

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  1. That's great! It's so exciting to move forward on projects!