Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to Normal

This week I have been trying to get things back to normal. Back to a routine of sorts. I like routine.
I was sick with a stomach bug the first of the week...yuck!

Took all the Christmas decor down and the house looks so bare. I love all the sparkles that come with Christmas it does make our house so cozy but I was ready for a bare, clean, un-cluttered house. It was like taking a deep breath. It is restful for me.
Although the tree is still laying in the front yard waiting to be taken to the burn pile.

I also buy a new planner every year and I really enjoy sitting down to look through the old one and transfer all the important dates and Birthdays to the new one.
It makes me remember what all we did last year and some of the things that happened. It is a journal of sorts.
For instance when we took my nephews to the base ball game and the car got towed and my nephew, dramatically, thought he would never see his mother again, and suggested we should ask the homeless guy for money! Fun times!

And here is a random picture...I love barns!

Hopefully my next post will be more interesting!

Happy weekend! 

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