Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Week In List Form

Because i'm a list maker.....

1. Wednesday sick with a cold, my love informed me that I looked like Rudolph due to my red nose. Spent the next few days feeling yucky and on and off the couch.

2. Phone call at 5am Sunday that my dad was in the Hospital

3. Spend the day at the Hospital..tiring

4. Worn out Monday...go the grocery and that's about it....My love goes out of town for two days with work

5. 4pm Monday get a phone call that dad is on his way back to the Hospital..wishing my love was with me

6. Spend Monday evening and all Tuesday at the Hospital...missing my love gets home 1am 

7. Wednesday back to the hospital, dad is improving some, four hours later get home and wash the truck

8. Thursday back to the Hospital to spend most of the day, take mom lunch and wait on the may get to go home!!

I'm sorry this isn't very fun or interesting but this is my life right now. On a happier note, the sun has been out and it has been somewhat warm that's why the truck got washed! Please pray for healing for my dad.

Hopefully next week will be more calm and I can blog about something interesting and more light-hearted!


  1. Oh my, what a week. Time like this make us lean more on our Savior.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope he is doing better by now. He'll be in our prayers.