Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lilacs Galore

The Lilacs have been blooming around these parts and they are beautiful! I love flowers in my house. I think it adds freshness and a little something pretty to a room.
They just make me smile.
This bouquet I bought at Kroger for $5. I didn't think that was bad and they will last a few weeks.
This is on the dining room table.

These are the tulips that were on the mantel. They are now on my stand next to my bed. I added a few pieces out of my Kroger bouquet.

These are in the milk crate on the coffee table. Again from the Kroger bouquet. I can get several bouquets out of one bunch of flowers which makes it a pretty good deal.

These are lilacs off of my bush in the front yard. These are sitting on the dresser in the bedroom.

My bush doesn't have a ton of blooms but my favorite neighbor Bertha has a HUGE bush in her back yard and she let me have an egg basket full!! I LOVE Bertha!

More lilacs in the mudroom.

....and in the kitchen window so I can smell them while I do dishes.

Lilacs replaced the tulips on the mantel.

And I added some to the bathroom!

My house smells wonderful!

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  1. Ooh! I love lilacs! I must plant a bush someday. I bet your house smells so wonderful!