Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Mantel and Office Lights

This is the mantel in the living room or at least part of the mantel.
Its hard to tell but I have a large mirror in the back and then this picture I got from grandma, which I love. An ironstone platter that is waiting to be hung in the bathroom and some tulips from my backyard. I love the spring flowers! Last year there were only two of these tulips that came up and this year there were about 12! I was so excited but then we were suppose to get frost so I cut some of them. The frost never came...

This is a light that is hanging in the office. I wanted barn type lighting in there but once again everything I liked was really expensive and since I'm a tightwad I  had to find something else.
Back to our favorite Lowe's! This is an outdoor light that was galvanized and we painted it black!
It hangs next to the door when you walk in. This gives you a glimpse of the siding wall in the office.

This light hangs from the beam that goes across the office. My Love's cousin took it out of there house and so we took it. The top of the light was brass and the bowl part was mauve. We, rather my Love, just spray painted it and it looks great!!

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  1. I also like Lowes for lights. And that's great that you redid one with spray paint! Looks great!