Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Mantel

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a good week. It has been kinda a rainy week here. It's been nice though. I woke up this morning to rain drops on the window.
The rain is so peaceful sometimes. It absolutely feels like fall! 
Last week I pulled my fall decorations out of the closet and gussied up the living room a little bit.

This is the coffee table center piece. The round wooden object is an old seed shaker. The bottom is wire mesh. The Fabric pumpkin I made last year. I have several that I have made over the last few years and I love them! 

This is the mantel. A large mirror in the back goes with a dresser that you will see. The wooden frame on the left I found at a barn sell it is empty but kind of looks like a mirror as well. The large W was a birthday present from my brother and SIL. The harvest time bunting I made last year out of burlap and jute. I just stenciled the letters on.

This is on the dining table. Two ironstone platters stacked with pine cones and a candle. Those are beans surrounding the candle, which by the way is mulled cider from Gold Canyon and smells delish!!!
I should have lit the candle it would hav emade a better picture.

This is the dresser I mentioned. It is full of fabric! And it makes a great place to display things.

The barn picture came from a garage sell this summer and here are some more fabric pumpkins!

Books I had and a church hymnal.

I love this little train depot. Its from the 1930's.

I made the wreath with burlap that I had. I wrapped it once tight and then went back around it loosely and twisted at the same time and hot glued as I went.

I used some of the old flatware that I have and made a rosette.

I was happy with how it turned out!

There is your peak around the house. I wish everyone a fabulous weekend and a fabulous Autumn!!


  1. Everythings looks so cute! Wishing I had a house this fall to decorate... There's always next year I guess;)

  2. Hi ya! Found a link to your blog over at Sugarpiefarmhouse. I have enjoyed going thru your older posts,you have a great eye. Glad your Dad is better, look forward to future posts.-Amie Ladd