Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summers End

Hello all, its been a while.
I have been in kind of a blog funk lately.
I haven't had anything fun or interesting or even cute to blog about. We have been busy with life. Good busy. Work busy. Last bits of garden busy.
I haven't been sewing much and I can't really say what all we have been doing. I hate that...
Anyways, I am ready for fall.
Ready for cooler weather, soups, bon fires, jeans and sweatshirts, cozy blankets, hot cider and apples!
I am so glad that God created the seasons. He knows us so well!
He knows that we get tired and need the rest that fall and winter bring.
 Rest from heat, long days of work, taking care of gardens, mowing grass and just the everyday things of summer.
He also knows that when winter sets in I will be wishing for summer and hot days all over again.
It's a vicious cycle!
I am so thankful He doesn't get tired of our least He forgives us for it. Over and over again.
I have lots of things going through my mind these days. Crafts, sewing, decorating, gifts, hosting, lots of things. Good things. Fall things.
I am hopeful that I will soon get back in the swing of blogging and picture taking.

I love this garage sale find. I am not tired of those yet. Garage sales that is.

On a happier note, next week I am going to the Country Living Fair!!! I LOVE it!! I might have mentioned it before but it is almost my favorite day of the year!!! It's a tie with Christmas and my Birthday. Except for this year I turn 30 so the Birthday is at the bottom of favorite days....

Also I had someone comment that my spelling errors were starting to bother them. To be honest, which I always am, I really don't care. If spell check doesn't catch it then I have to rely on my own not so accurate knowledge and not so accurate typing. Sorry.

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