Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have shared my obsession for fabric in the past....I have been cleaning and organizing my upstairs and craft/sewing stuff. Well today I finally got to the tubs of fabric that have been sitting around waiting to be put into a dresser I am using for storage. I emptied out the tubs of fabric onto the table....
I have way too much fabric. I have been saving some old sheets, t-shirts, and such. I have woven fabric, flannel, baby, calico print, fleece, oilcloth, etc. etc. etc.
I have great plans for some of this fabric and some I have had for a very long time! 
 I have a hope chest full of blue jeans 99% of them belonged to my husband and have holes in them from wear. I am saving those to make a quilt for each of our children someday, when we decide to have children.. I will probably be able to myself a quilt out of them as well.

I finally got some time to sew a little you later! 

My love affair with fabric continues.....

Happy weekend!
Sarah Beth

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  1. Andrew's car bag is made out of the flame fabric. We love it. It goes everywhere with us.