Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mystery Solved!!

Missing Chickens....I posted awhile back about my chickens that kept disappearing and we couldn't figure out why! Yesterday my 8 chickens (7 hens 1 rooster) were out and about enjoying the sunshine. I was standing in the kitchen and looked back into the field toward the chicken house and saw white feathers floating in the breeze across the field. I thought I better go back and make sure they were ok. 

I get back there and there were feathers everywhere. White and black ones. Feathers that belonged to my giant Plymouth Barred Rock rooster! He was no where to be found...I found the hens and there were only 6 of them!!

The hens are never without there mighty protector so I knew....he was gone! I asked the neighbors on the left if they had seen anything, They are in there 70's and always home and piddling in the yard. He said he had seen the dog that belongs to the neighbor on the right back there by the house. 

I ran over to the edge of the property to see if I could see him (the dog that belongs to the neighbor on the right) out, as he is always lurking around, I really don't like that dog, and there he was with my giant, beautiful, mean, rooster in his mouth!!! Oh, the disgust!!

We went over to talk to the neighbor on the right and tell him what has been happening. He told us that he had seen his dog with another chicken before. However, he never bothered to tell us about it until now!! He also told us that his dog killed one of the other neighbors goats!! I think he scared it to death. He said he is working on getting an invisible fence! Not soon enough is you ask me!

So now I am down to 6 chickens. I started out with 14 three weeks ago. I went back to the hen house today, I am not letting them out until neighbor on the right gets a fence, and bless their little hearts everyone of those ladies had laid an egg. After their traumatic experience they are still little troopers!

Mr. Rooster, he was so pretty to look at and I loved to hear him crow. He never woke anyone up in the morning because he was far enough away and our neighbors aren't real close. Those things I will miss.

 However he did have one downfall, he was downright mean!! He had spurs on him that were over an inch long and he tried to use them every chance he got! Once he chased my mom across the yard while she was screaming and flailing a broom at him. Needless to say she never took care of them again for us!! What I wouldn't give to have that on tape! You could not turn your back on him or he was on you like stink on a hog!

So, good by Mr. Rooster. You were a good protector of your ladies, you even gave your life for them!

Oh yeah, I just wanted to make sure you know how much I dislike the neighbor's on the right dog. That is why in the above paragraph I made the words, I really don't like that dog, in bold. Just so I'm clear on that!


  1. That's so awful!!! We lost one of our hens to a stray dog a few weeks ago and it's heartbreaking! Poor little biddies :(.

  2. Sorry about your bad luck with your chickens. We've never lost one to a dog. They just take to the sky. They are Silver Phoenix and they can fly really well! We have lost young ones to possums getting into the chicken coop at night after I forgot to close their door:{