Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gardening Organic

I have been thinking about my garden and my seeds are sprouting...

I have always loved the vegetable garden. I love to see a garden with black dirt and freshly tilled rows. They are so beautiful. There is something so rewarding about going out and cutting some fresh lettace for dinner or a few fresh cucumbers. The taste is wonderful!

A random photo to pretty up this post!

What is even better is that I know where my food has come from and what has been put on it or the lack there of..I have always loved fresh, good tasting food. I mean who doesn't?!

During the off season when I don't have a garden I always try and buy organic when possible. I also minimize the processed food that I buy. Here are some of the foods that I buy organic...

Grapes (when in season)

Anything that you buy that has a thick skin, bananas/oranges, does NOT have to been organic. Anything that you buy to eat fresh that does not have a peel, grapes/apples, you DO need to buy organic. At least I suggest it. The thick peel keeps the chemicals from penetrating the fruit itself. So as a rule of thumb, anything that I eat raw I try to buy organic.

Organic does not always mean more expensive. A lot of times they are the same price. For instance this week at Kroger, where I do most of my shopping, the organic celery was cheaper than the non organic. The apples were the same price.

I understand that some families just can't afford to buy organic. It's just me and my love. We don't have any children eating us out of house and home. So to spend a little more to eat a little healthier for us it isn't a big deal. I understand when people can't do that.

I also home can and freeze a lot of our garden goodness and that saves us money as well which allows me to spend more to buy organic. This is what I put up..

Green Beans
Tomatoes - crushed
Pizza Sauce
Apple Sauce
Apple Butter
Strawberry Jam
Sour Cherries - for pies

Last year we had kinda a weak crop so this year I really have to work hard at my garden!

I hope you will try to have a garden of some sort. Even if it is just a few plants in the flower bed or in a pot on your patio. Try some herbs in small pots. Cooking with fresh ingredients is so much better! The taste is amazing! Give it a try.

What will you have in your garden this year??

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