Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seed Starting...

So today I had time to finally start the seeds for my garden! This is how it goes....
I buy this at Lowe's for about $6.

Follow the directions on the box. Basically you add warm water and break up the dirt. I use a fork because it works really well.
Then I put my seeds in and gently cover them up!
This holds 72 plants!

These are some of my seeds. I bought these last year and will have enough to last me through next year!
I really love this seed catalog. Territorial Seed Company. I have had great results with them. They have a lot of heirloom and open pollinated options! I love trying plants that are a little different or odd! 
On the list this year...Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes, and lots more!!!
Check out the web site here.
I also posted the recipe for Puppy Chow on the Farm Kitchen page!

I forgot to take pictures of what I made, sorry. I will try to get to that tomorrow.

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