Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Little Things

Here are a few things that have just made me happy lately. They are cute and fun and I encourage you to search them out!

A small Le Crueset pot that is a lovely orangie red. It's the perfect size. I think its three quarts.

Homemade croutons. Cut up bread that is getting a little stale, melt some butter, add some spices, mix and bake on a baking sheet until brown and toasted.  Yummm.

Spring covers on my magazines. I love all the flowers! I am so ready for Spring!

I am loving these little baby butter sticks. They are half of a stick of butter and I think they are cute! Silly I know but they make me happy.

Homemade waffles! Yummy and so easy to do! The recipe makes more than we can eat so I freeze the rest and pull them out and put them in the toaster when I need a quick breakfast.

 A book by Mary Jane Butters. I love this book and have been wanting one for my own for a long time. I would get it from the library all the time and I finally purchased one for my very own.

Mary Jane even signed it for me! 

The pictures are so beautiful! This book makes me smile over and over again!
Check it out!

Have a great weekend friends!!

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  1. I love all the same things, I am thinking... smile.. Just found your blog through a new follower.. Lovely...
    God bless..