Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Little Look at Christmas

Here is a little look into our home at Christmas time!
This is such a fun time of year!
 Dec2012Mantel001.jpg photo
This is the mantel and fireplace surround complete and all ready for Christmas!
See my steps! They turned out
 Dec2012Mantel006.jpg photo
I used a chicken feeder out of the barn and added lights and greenery! Did I mention that I have an outlet in the top of the mantel flush with the top so you can't see it! Love!
 Dec2012Mantel003.jpg photo
This is the cubby that we found when we tore off the paneling and plaster. My hubby built a new box to set inside the old one and trimmed it out. This is a fun space!
 Dec2012Mantel009.jpg photo
A few pieces of our vintage train set from the 1930's!
 Dec2012Mantel010.jpg photo
The depot didn't originally come with the train but was built for the boy that owned the train. It's just not the same scale. I still love it so much! The depot stays out all the time.
 Dec2012Mantel012.jpg photo
I just used bottle brush trees and fake snow to make it Christmasy!
I think this little depot clock is so cool.
 Dec2012Mantel014.jpg photo
Living room after the new paint!
 Dec2012Mantel016.jpg photo
This is hanging above the couch. I just tied some greenery from our tree with a piece of scrap fabric!
 Dec2012Mantel017.jpg photo
The fabric matches the pillow on the couch!
 Dec2012Mantel018.jpg photo
This is the 9 foot tree in the office. I wanted a big one this year!!
 Dec2012Mantel024.jpg photo
We found these soda boxes in the crawl space of my in-laws! It was such a sweet surprise!
 Dec2012Mantel019.jpg photo
Old ice skates and my husbands toy concrete truck make cute additions under the tree.
 Dec2012Mantel023.jpg photo
I used my old Christmas Cards to make my gift tags!
 Dec2012Mantel026.jpg photo
I love all things plaid! I have been collecting all things that I see plaid!
 Dec2012Mantel020.jpg photo
I made these little pine cone wreaths to hang in the office windows. They are a festive little touch to the room.
I know this was a lot of pictures! Thanks for stopping by!
Merry Christmas!

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