Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mantel Remodel

Yesterday I shared with you all some of the before pictures of the mantel and fireplace.
I showed you some of the mess we got ourselves into.
So, here are some pictures of the next few steps.
 2011and2012229.jpg photo
I decided to go ahead and rip up the carpet on the steps. I figured we already had a mess and this has needed to be done for a long time! The entire living room had this carpet in it but we had ripped it up when we moved in.
 2011and2012241.jpg photo
This shows the bones of the mantel. My smarty pants husband and his dad took a picture and designed a mantel! Amazing!
 2011and2012242.jpg photo
I just got on Pinterest and started looking for mantels that caught my eye. I had a very short window of time to decide what I wanted.
 2011and2012243.jpg photo
It's starting to look like a fireplace surround.
 2011and2012245.jpg photo
This shows the knotty pine wall and the steps with the carpet removed. There were a ton of staples in those steps!!
 2011and2012246.jpg photo
The brick has not been scrubbed at this point! This was such a dusty job!
 2011and2012247.jpg photo
This is before the top of the mantel was put on.
 2011and2012251.jpg photo
This is with the top on and it all primed.
More after pictures tomorrow!
Have a great evening. I have been finishing some Christmas gifts and adding a few more Christmasy touches to the house! It's chilly out so stay warm and cozy!


  1. That looks really, really nice!

  2. Awesome! I gotta come see it all in person---ripping out carpet :) sounds familiar. You 'll never be sorry!!!!

  3. It looks fantastic. Absolutely beautiful!