Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have a confession to is a lover affair that I have with...FABRIC!!!
Oh my goodness, I could just buy tons of it!! The colors are intoxicating all organized like a rainbow!!
However, I have control over this passion of mine...instead of buying tons I just buy a little at a time.
The other day I took a trip to Jo-Ann's and this is what I brought home..
Soft, comfy's my favorite. All the flannel was on sale for $2.49/yd. 
 I have like 6 friends who are expecting baby girls over  the next few months so I will be making some baby things! I love the doughnut fabric. I would totally want that for myself!!
Do you have any confessions or secret obsessions or not so secret obsessions?
(mine is definitely not a secret)
Happy Weekend
Sarah Beth

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  1. I too, enjoy pretty fabric. I am making a quilt for my older daughter, and it was fun and challenging picking out the colors. A friend just told me about a really neat blog about fabric and sewing. It is called cluck, cluck, sew. Check it out!