Saturday, March 12, 2011

Corner of My Home....Bedroom

Here is a little glimpse of my bedroom. Last year we painted and stripped the window trim. I love the wall color. It is a green that is so bright and cheery!

Love this old window..the patina is great! It hangs above our bed..

This chair sits in the corner. It is hiding an ugly filing cabinet. 
I don't have curtains in my bedroom because I can't decide what I want and haven't found any that I like. I will probably make some but I just can't decide.

This little stool is the extent of my reupholstering skills...I think its kinda cute.

I have all my perfume on an old cake stand that my mom bought at a yard sell. I thought it was very feminine looking with the flowers on it.

This is my night stand. The lamps came from Lowes on clearance for $6. They were an ugly beige and burgundy color and we spray painted them white. I tend to paint my finger nails while I'm laying in bed...hence the nail polish. I love this picture of me and my love. It was taken about six years ago!


  1. Wow I love the stool! That fabric would make fabulous curtains.

  2. I love all those pieces. It saddens me that my DH just thinks of my taste and grandma stuff (and not as fondly as I do) :-(