Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, I had some more thoughts on how I organize some of my paper work/filing and I thought I would share.

We all have that necessary paper that we get in the mail every month, bills, tax documents, receipts, warranties and so on. We have to keep these messy papers, but what to do with them?...

This is what I use...
These are expandable folders - 13 file. They are about $5 each. I use one for our personal bills and such and one for the business receipts, invoices and tax documents. They work great.

For our personal bills - I divide everything by the month which seems to work well.

For the Business we have 12 different categories that we divide the receipts into. At the end of the year I take all the receipts and put them into a spread sheet on Excel. By this time the folder is bulging and I can barely close it! I love being organized!   

Now I just have to find a place to put all these expandable folders when I'm done with them...

This may give you the idea that every part of my house is in complete order.....not true. I have some kitchen drawers that are screaming out at me to be organized!!

Oh, I almost forgot.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY big brother!!! I love you so much. You are a great friend to me and my love!! 

For those of you who do not have a big brother, I am sorry. Your missing out!


  1. Sarah B. You're right!! I always wanted a big brother :( on another note you have GOT to check out "Reformation Acres" on my blog (it's a button on my sidebar) You'll be in love with this blog!!!! And her name is Quinn...LOL!

  2. Thanks Sis, Love you too! Hope to be home soon just waiting on my nurse to set me free! It cant happen soon enough!

  3. I love to orgnize!!:)I have all my paperwork in a filing cabinet and all that kind of stuff organized, but I can't seem to keep my everyday in order (i.e. keeping clothes picked up, ect) but I love to organize my desk. I REALLY need to attack my closet! Good job on what you got organized though!