Tuesday, March 1, 2011

After a few dreary and rainy days, the sun decided to shine. 

Mr. Rooster and his entourage decided it was a nice day for a walk around the pond. Picking and scratching is a favorite for these guys! 

Mr. Rooster was just letting everyone know he is around!
Oh, how I long for Spring, but until then I will take a few days of sunshine here and there!


  1. Hope my chicks turn out to be as healthy and happy as yours look to be!

  2. hey girl! juSt catching up on your blog! love the recipeS you poSted!!!
    do you do a Weekly menu plan? if you do Share it!!:)
    alSo loved the farm houSe Story! i love that you cloSed the day of your rehearSel!!! GOD ALWAYS SHOWS UP!:)