Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday....

So, I know this is Favorite Things Friday, however every Friday is to much pressure and takes the fun out of it. So maybe I will do it once a month. That being said....this is one of my favorite things....organizing!! Or rather having things be organized. The fun part is when it is all nice and neat. Not the part of sorting and purging.
I love to cook and am always looking at new recipes. Tearing them out of magazines, printing them off the internet, copying them from a cooking show, calling my mom. I love to try new recipes! However when you have been saving all these pieces of paper forever and you use a lot of them, but they are stashed in a corner somewhere or box, it is hard to find anything. A few years ago i decided to put all of these loose papers in a three ring binder with page protectors. I seperated them into different categories, breakfast, bread, soup, main course, side dish, dessert, drinks, pasta. This worked great and I loved it.
I put tabs to separate the categories.

A few years down the road.....a new pile and stash of loose papers. I didn't have any page protectors but I did have a binder. So I just hole punched all the loose recipes and added them in. 

I now have enough for two binders

This one is solely dedicated to desserts!!
It is such a great feeling when you get all your stuff organized and in a designated space! Love It!!

I also like to wright on the recipe whether or not we liked it!
That way I know I have made it before and if it is worth making again! This works well. Try it!

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