Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So i have been looking at my chicken order form and am trying to decide which ones to get. Here are some of the breeds I've chosen...
Araucana -Araucana/Ameraucanas chickens(pullets)

Jersey Black Giants Black Giant Chicken (pullets)

Buff Orpington   Buff Orpington Chicken (pullets)

Brown Leghorn  Brown Leghorn Chicken (pullets)

Rhode Island Red  Rhode Island Red Chickens (pullets)

Golden Comet   Hubbard Golden Comet Chickens  (pullets)

White Leg Horn       Babcock White Leghorn Chicken (pullets)

These are all good egg layers. I rhink i might get a few of each! By august I should have eggs in brown, white, blue, green, and a pinkish color!! So fun!

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