Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tea or Coffee...

So the other night I had a craving for something sweet but much to my dismay we had nothing sweet, other than a few chocolate chips which I had already nibbled on and it just wasn't cuttin it. So I whipped up some short bread cookies! They hit the spot! With my short bread cookies I had a nice cup of tea.
I am a tea drinker not coffee. My lover drinks coffee like crazy! I just don't get it...I've tried it with cream and sugar and I just can't get past the first drink! Blah...! Almost every morning I will drink a hot cup of Lipton with sugar. However Lipton has caffeine in it and I can't do caffeine after like 7pm. So I branch out to some flavored tea for my evening cup. My great aunt introduced me to this tea and it has become my favorite in the evening.

It is sweet and spicy! So yummy! It is cinnamony (if that's a word) and a little sweet so I don't have to add sugar! It smells and taste like Big Red gum. The only thing that I've found about it is, is that if you let it steep to long it becomes so spicy I can't drink it. It only takes a few dunks of the tea bag to turn the steaming water a dark color and that is when it is perfect!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend along with a great cup of tea! Or coffee, which ever it may be!

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