Saturday, January 22, 2011

Outhouse..Yes I have one!

So this is my outhouse..Isn't it fun!!
It is just a few feet outside the back door. It is still functional of course. It even has a real toilet seat inside! I should have taken a picture. Days like today I am sooooo thankful for indoor plumbing! It is frigid!!
I actually had a lady stop one time and ask if we were getting rid of it...Never would I dare to do such a thing!! The door was ajar do to one of the hinges coming loose and she thought we were tearing it down. She was going to take it home she said! 
Last summer we found a cute raccoon hiding in the top of the outhouse. Actually our dogs spotted it...needless to say that was short lived. So was the raccoon...Does anyone else have an outhouse? 
Let me know!

Here is a picture of the barn and the silo in the snow! I love my home..Thank you Lord for your blessings...
Yes, I know the barn door is a different color of red. It came that way when we purchased the property. It hasn't really been a priority around here...

Enjoy your day of Rest tomorrow!


  1. Yes! Growing up we had an outhouse, it was also functional and we also had a lady ask to buy it. Guess they must be popular!

  2. That's just funny!!!! What in the world....I LOVE your outhouse! And just look how pretty it looks in the snow :)

  3. Brrrrr and I thought it was cold here. Makes me shiver just lookin at these photos! lovely though.