Thursday, January 6, 2011

Figuring this out...

Good morning all- I'm trying to figure this whole blogging thing out. How to get my pictures in just right and how to navigate around blogger. It's coming together, slowly.
Well, now that the holidays are over i began taking all my Christmas decor down and put away. I love decorating for Christmas so when everything gets taken down the house looks so bare! At least that's what Steve thinks. Its a good time to clean the house really good and do a little organizing. We have live trees so there are needles everywhere! We also heat with a wood stove and that creates so much dust! So the next few days will be spent cleaning and putting things back together.
Here are some pictures from late January 2010.. I love snow and am hoping for more the next few weeks!!


  1. Hi Sarah! So happy you are blogging! What fun to hear and see more of your life. Love the red barn!