Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots to say...

First, this is what the trees across the road from us look like....
We woke up to more snow!! Yay!! We love snow. Steve got called out to plow and I am keeping the home fires burning, literally. I love being home on snowy days. It's so cozy!

So as I promised, here are a few garage sale finds that I love!

This is a frame of sorts..I haven't decided what to do with it yet. It could be a mirror, cork bored, or I really like the idea of a chalk bored. I've kinda been saving it for the office. Super cute though right? I love the detail at the top but we can't figure out why it has a little nub sticking out from the right side..any ides?

This I was so excited about...It is an antique oak table with five round legs. The two ends come out to make it fit about six chairs. The guy was asking $90 for it..lets just say I got it and 7 other items for $100. I never pay asking price. The chairs were given to me by a cousin and I just recovered the seats.
I especially love the legs on this table. It has such great character! I love old things!
Switching gears...I said I have lots to talk about...
Love this book! I'm sure some of you have heard of the Pioneer Woman..anywho..she has this cool cook book that my wonderful sister gave me! It is really cute! Great pictures and detailed steps for the recipes. I made this last night for dinner and it was pretty good.
 Chicken Spaghetti...Not bad! I love cook books! 
To find out more about the Pioneer Woman go HERE!

P.S. So My love wasn't so happy that I put that picture of him on the blog yesterday...to late now :)


  1. Hey Sis, I figured you would be righting something on here today. Cool frame I dig it! Rae and I say use it for a chalk board, you could just paint a square on your wall with chalk board paint and hang it over top of it. That would be quick and easy. I say use the little nub on the side as a place to attach a string to hang a piece a chalk from. Anyway, whatever you do it will be groovy!

  2. Correction that should be writing, duh!

  3. Cute frame, it's like it has a little growth on the side :) I like the idea of using it for a string. Interesting conversation piece, I should think!

  4. Sara Beth, love the new blog! I also can't wait till yard sale season.

  5. Hey all...Rae here....Sarah Beth you may be sorry you shared this site with Chad. How funny that Mr. Private feels the need to comment on everything!!!!!!!! :) Anyways...check out the website for Old Glory Antiques. They're out of Colorado I think...MaryKay Gaffey shared their site on Facebook and you would LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff!!! I love that frame!!! So cool. I love old stuff too...it has so much character...Hopefully we can find a cool old house when we're ready to buy one!!!