Thursday, January 13, 2011


So today I organized and cleaned the Laundry room! Love when everything looks so nice and neat and in its place. I'm a little OCD when it comes to things being in there place...anywho the laundry room is thanking me. Clean floors, base boards, shelves all dusted and organized. If you are not so lucky as to have a laundry room, I am truly sorry...
My wonderfully talented lover built all the shelves in the laundry room! When we moved in, this room was a horribly ugly brown color. The door is still pretty bad in fact it still has giant sunflowers on the back of it. I refuse to take pictures of them, they are that bad! The chamber pot in the picture has my laundry detergent in it. I love red and white enamel ware. You will see it all through out my house.

These are the shelves behind the door. My love made these as well. I love having the space as a pantry of sorts. The laundry room is one of my favorite rooms when it is clean and neat. The bright color makes it cheerful too! I hope everyone has such a room!
This is another garage sale find. I paid a whopping $3 for it. I'm saving it for my office. Surprisingly it is very comfortable. I want to do the office in black and red accents with tan walls and white trim. Oh, the little goose on the floor will also be going into the office.

Tomorrow...some of my favorite things...

I almost forgot...My cousin Sara has a giveaway on her blog so go check it out!!


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