Friday, January 21, 2011

Favorite Things Friday....

I can't believe Friday is upon us once again. This week went by so fast. We had a good snow storm here yesterday and everything is covered...I LOVE IT! The snow is God's glory at it's best!! With the snow came freezing temps..the thermometer in the truck read 0 on our way home tonight! Brrrrrr....

On to my favorite's so hard to choose..i love so many things,. but since I promised pictures, I had to take some today and I was walking around my house and everywhere I looked I saw...
Enamel Ware!!!! It is one of my most FAVORITE things!
I have always loved the 50's style farm house look. Enamel ware just reminds me of that. I mostly have red and white, that's my most favorite..but I also have some black and white and one or two blue and green and white. I love it..It's on my walls, tables, it will hold a multitude of things! I have all different shapes and sizes.
It reminds me of a simpler time and I think that is what I love about it! This world is crazy, and we are in the midst of it going a million directions. It reminds me of a time when life was slow. When people worked their land so they could live and eat and they appreciated the simple things in life like a really great Enamel Ware bowl. They are perfect for canning season by the way. I have some big ones!

I never pay a lot for them. I just pick them up at garage sales, swap meets (another favorite), now that everyone knows that i kinda collect them, I get them for gifts!! Fun!!
They just add a little quaintness to my house and kitchen. I'm getting all excited talking about them!!
There is such a thrill when you are driving down the road and you see a hand made sign that says "Garage Sale" with an arrow pointing to the driveway, you hit the brakes, and break your neck trying to see if you can get a peak of what they may have. You start walking up the drive and automatically you start scanning for the perfect item that you just can't live with out!! Oh, you just spotted it, the medium size bowl, white enamel with a red rim...You hurry before anyone else sees it, pick it up look at the price...$5.00....I can do better than that, I think to my self..I ask the money box attendant if she'll take $2.00. She replies...reluctantly...sure..!! Fire works go off in my head! Wow, I love the thrill of the chase!!
I think I might have gotten a little carried away..
 I love's practical and cute! This is my bread box.
This adorable little lady, white table with red rim, was a gift from my mom and dad, who by the way are the best ever (Love you Guys!!), for Christmas last year. It was in the little antique town down the road!

Well, I hope someone else in this world appreciates Enamel ware the way I do!
There you have it, my Favorite things for this Friday!! 
Happy weekend!

By the way, thanks to my new followers!! So exciting!


  1. Hey Sis, I like the bread box, didn't know you had that one. Nice pics but i was really hoping to more pics of Steve-O!!!

  2. I really like all your enamel ware. My small collection just recently grew with the addition of two robins' egg blue oval basins. My husband found them and some other neat finds on a junk pile at a job he is on. I love junking!

  3. lovely things! Down here in Florida ya gotta put your bread in the fridge or else it'll be moldy before you know it!