Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday....

Wow...Friday already. Time flies when your having fun!! So, I kinda had a hard time thinking of what to pick for this weeks Favorite Thing, but I was making a cake (a post for another day) for my mom's birthday and I finally decided on this....
 EGGS!!! But not just any eggs. These are MY eggs from MY chickens. Not that I had anything to do with the girls actually producing these. But I take some pride in the fact that these beauties are home grown!!
I love the different colors. It reminds me of spring, which I have to say I am just about ready for.
So if you are not so lucky as to have your own chickens, then find someone local who does and see if they will sell you some eggs! They are worth the money!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!

P.S. All Things Vintage is have a cute giveaway check it out!!


  1. Hi SarahBeth it's Aunt Debbie from Sweet Home Alabama, I love this page about all your cute things and love the songs, The eggs are so pretty I love them, I enjoy looking at your picture's and how your day is going,,, love you ! A. Debbie :)

  2. Your eggs are beautiful! Our chicks are coming in less than two weeks - hope to have eggs like yours someday!

    Thanks for the "green paint" encouragement, I do think I'll like it after a while.