Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Kitchen from my dreams

So needless to say, my kitchen is a little, well, ugly, sad, depressing, dark. falling apart. You get the picture. We just haven't had the extra cash to gut it and remodel it. It will not be cheap..and we have had other projects going on. Some of which have lasted several years..
Anyway I found this blog and it is so darling!!! The kitchen in this house is straight from my dreams!! I Love it!! Check it out here at Meadowbrook Farm! If you go to the left side of the screen and look at the archives and find Junk House..That's it..I think you'll enjoy it!

P.S. If anyone ask..that kitchen would be a great gift idea for me!! I don't know maybe for Valentines Day. I'd even be willing to wait until my Birthday in September!!

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  1. Hey there Sarah Beth!

    I'm Angela over in Indiana and from Retro Farm Wife blog and just happened to come across your blog through a follower's blog list.

    I hear ya about the Meadowbrook Farm kitchen! I have photos saved on my computer of her kitchen. It's my inspiration for a new kitchen for myself down the road. (I've already cut out and painted an EAT sign like hers and have it ready for when that day comes!) I just got married and moved into my husband's house and our kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover! I think it's from the 70's? Perhaps I'll post photos on my blog... if I can work up the courage! : / hehee

    It's cook that you have chickens! I used to have some and would love some again someday!

    Nice to meetcha!