Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well friends, how is everyone today? I have been thinking about being a homemaker....I am a homemaker and I love it so much. What a privilege it is to have a home to take of! There are so many people who are not blessed with a home and husband or family. 

Sometimes I get tired of the everyday task around the house, laundry, dusting, sweeping the floor, the dirt that never seems to end!!! Fixing dinner every night..which lately my mind seems to be drawing a blank...but when I start to get irritated about all the responsibilities that I have here in my home the Lord always seems to remind me that I have a home to take care of and how blessed I am. Then all of a sudden this overwhelming thankfulness comes over me and I remember that everything I have is from the Lord. It belongs to the Lord and He has shown favor to me and has entrusted me with a wonderful home to take care of. What a Blessing!!

I take for granted what I have and what I am capable of doing. I have hands to clean with, legs to carry laundry with, eyes to see the cutting board...and it goes on and on.

Let us not take for granted what we have. Remember to be thankful for what we have...
I seen this video on another blog and thought it was unbelievable!!


  1. Sarah Beth,
    What a lovely blog you have - and your home looks charming! I could move right into that new office space you're creating! I'm so glad you left that wall with the siding. It's going to make an awesome focal point.

    I think we all get a bit weary at times. But whenever I get sick, the first thing I miss is cleaning my house and having the ability to serve my family. It's a strong reminder to be grateful for the days I'm able to do it!

    Thanks for visiting Homestead Revival and adding my button to your blog! I look forward to many more conversations!

  2. I'm a homemaker too... it's my dream job and I love every second of it! I'm so thankful that my husband is able to provide for us on his own and that he appreciates a wife who desires to stay home. I love cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and making this a pleasant place for him to come home to!

    This video was touching! Thanks for sharing!