Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Paint or Not to Paint...

So I found this little chair/desk, I think of it like a telephone desk. I bought it a barn sell this past summer for $3. I thought it was so cute. Well it has been sitting around waiting patiently to be gussied (if that's a word) up a bit.
I am not sure what room to put it in. Either my bedroom or the living room. When I decide what color to paint it then i will pick a fabric for the seat! 
So I would love to hear some suggestions! Let me know what you think..I also think white..I love white furniture but I really would like to put some color on this cutie. Maybe even do a antique/distressed look. I don't know so that's why I'm asking you!! Help a girl out!

P.S. Here is a great tutorial for fabric roses as i promised!


  1. I would wipe it down with Formby's then stain it darker. Maybe a pretty red for the seat?

  2. I say gloss black with some traditional flames going around the sides of the table and some pinstriping on top!!!! :-)

  3. Distressed white would look cute with some ticking for the fabric. Or you could do a color on the decorative inset piece and the side (where my creative aaaahhhheeemmm husband suggested you do flames) of the desk a color. Do you look at the Little Miss Mustard Seed blog????? She has GREAT furniture ideas!

  4. That's alway sooo hard to make a decision about! At least for me. I'm going out of the box, if you do want to paint it and suggest an old colonial peice?

  5. Three dollars!?! What a steal. It's absolutely adorable. I'm all about color and I paint everything that comes my way, so I say go fun and colorful!
    Oh, and yes. Miss Mustard Seed is the place to go for furniture painting ideas. She's amazing.

  6. What a great find at $3...WOW...can't beat that:)! I think it looks great as is or painted. I love white, too:).