Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

I love old things...old houses and all the old fixtures in those houses. One of my favorites are old door knobs and hinges! They are so cool looking and I just so happen to have a few in this old house of mine!

Here is the door to our bedroom....this knob is porcelain. I love the whole knob assembly. It doesn't work real great as far as latching but we haven't really tried to do much with it since the door is opened 99% of the time. The door itself has this great crackle paint effect that is original. It is kinda dingy and more cream than white but I can't bring myself to paint it because it looks so neat!

This is the door into the office from the mudroom. this knob is also porcelain. It was covered in paint and the entire assembly was as well. My love took it apart and cleaned them up and this is what we got! Great right?!?!

This is the built-in corner cabinet in the mudroom, which I love. It's so fitting of an old house!

These are the hinges of the cabinet.
This is the before...

This is the after...

These are the latches. My love also took these off and spruced them up. I love these type of latches. These would be cool on like kitchen cabinets I think.

This is something that we made(I had the idea, I painted the board, my love put it all together for me). it is hanging in the bathroom and works great for our towels and different things. I was really excited about it!

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Sarah Beth


  1. I especially love the built-in cupboard! And great job on cleaning your hardware. We mostly just left ours as it was so we have some painted, some not, all mixed together.

  2. So nice to meet you another Ohian. I live in Columbus ~ a far cry from the country where you live. Sounds like you have a very old home if you have porcelain knobs, but I bet it has a lot more charm than the new made homes.
    Newest follower.