Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweets for my Sweeties

I am blessed to have 2 nieces and 4 nephews! That's just on my side of the family. My family are all coming over to night for dinner and to celebrate my Mom's Birthday! Her birthday is on Valentines Day! One of things that I love to do for my nieces and nephews is to make them little treat bags for special occasions. It's one of those things that's kinda special for them. So I made some up yesterday to give them tonight when they come over.
It's super easy and I enjoy it. It's fun to get out stamps, craft paper, and ribbons and play! 
I had some little cellophane bags so I bought some candy, just a few different kinds, divided it up between the bags. The boys got glow in the dark truck stickers and my oldest niece got cute little paper clips. Mighty Quinn can't have candy or paper clips yet so she kinda got left out of this one! Maybe next year pretty girl!!
  I cut some tags out of card stock and went to stamping! Added some ribbon and wallaaa!!
I use to do this all the time for kids when I use to teach Sunday school. It's just a fun little treat and it makes it special to come to Aunt Sarah Beth's house!!

Changing subjects a little bit... Here is the finished product made from the rosettes that I showed you earlier this week.
Just in time for Valentines Day!! I will be hanging it in my living room on an old screen from my hubby's Grandma's old Chicken house...I'll explain more on that later.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. OK I'm gonna have to make some of these! It turned out so cute...trying to decide what I want to put them on or use them should add this to "Under the Table and Dreaming" 's Sunday Showcase. She does a giveaway every week.